Raut. order management system


A manufacturing company needed an efficient and comprehensive solution for managing their orders, payments, and user profiles. They required a system that could handle different user roles, authorization, orders, priorities, invoices and payments, profiles, user management, and different levels of access.


The app includes four different user roles and granular user management, allowing each user to have the appropriate level of access and security. Authorization features ensure that only authorized personnel can access the system. Orders can be easily created, tracked, and updated within the app, with automated notifications keeping all parties informed about the order status. Priorities can be set for each order, enabling the manufacturing company to optimize their production process and meet customer needs on time.

The app’s invoicing and payment management system streamlines the billing process and ensures timely payments. User profiles can be managed efficiently, allowing users to update their information and settings with ease. The user management system provides different levels of access to the app’s features, ensuring that users only have access to the functions they require.

Overall, this admin dashboard web app provides a complete solution for managing orders, payments, and user profiles in a manufacturing company. My app streamlines processes, reduces errors, and improves efficiency, enabling manufacturing companies to optimize their operations and meet their business goals.

Main Features:

  • Four different user roles with granular user management
  • Authorization to ensure only authorized personnel can access the system
  • Order management, including creation, tracking, and updates
  • Priority management for orders to optimize production processes
  • Invoicing and payment management to streamline the billing process and ensure timely payments
  • User profile management, including user information and settings
  • Different levels of access to app features to ensure users only have access to the functions they require


  • Strapi, a headless CMS and API generator
  • Postgres, a powerful and open source relational database management system
  • Sendinblue, a cloud-based email marketing and automation platform for transactional and marketing emails


  • Next.js, a React-based framework for server-side rendering and static site generation
  • Tailwind CSS, a highly customizable and utility-first CSS framework
  • Redux Toolkit (RTK), a set of opinionated tools for efficient Redux development
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