MultipleMetrics. SaaS for Instagram


The goal of this project was to create a SaaS web application that integrated with a popular Instagram automation tool. The client needed an admin dashboard that would allow users to easily purchase and manage subscription services for their Instagram accounts, and interact with the automation tool’s REST API.


To meet the client’s requirements, I designed and developed a custom web application with the following features and functionalities:

  • User Management: Users can create an account, manage their profile information, and purchase subscription packages for their Instagram accounts.
  • Instagram Automation: Users can set automation targeting to automate their Instagram activity.
  • Order Management: Users can view and manage their orders, and have access to payment history and receipts.
  • Ticket System: Users can submit support tickets, view the status of their tickets, and receive notifications when their tickets have been resolved.
  • Admin Dashboard: Administrators can manage active orders, create and edit subscription packages, manage users and their data, add proxies for Igerslike, answer support tickets, create tasks for other admins, and send notifications.

For this project, I used React, a popular front-end library for building responsive and user-friendly web applications. For the back-end, I utilized Node.js to create the REST API that connects the web application to the database. The database we used was MongoDB, which allowed for efficient and scalable data storage and management. Stripe API was integrated for payment processing, and Bootstrap was used to enhance the user interface and provide responsive design.

Overall, I used a combination of cutting-edge technologies and industry-standard tools to build a robust and reliable web application for our client. My use of these technologies helped to ensure that the application is scalable, secure, and performs optimally.

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