Design and develop a custom API and architecture for the backend of a social network platform with similar features to LinkedIn. The platform should be scalable, secure, and efficient in handling large volumes of user data.


As the lead backend developer for the project, I designed and developed a comprehensive API and architecture using Strapi and microservices on NestJs for the social network platform. The solution involved building a modular system that could easily integrate with third-party systems, while maintaining high levels of security and performance.

To achieve scalability, I implemented microservices architecture and used technologies such as Docker, RabbitMQ, and Redis. I also focused on ensuring that the API was efficient in handling large volumes of user data while maintaining high levels of security.

The result was a successful social network platform that provided a solid foundation for the backend. The platform was able to handle large volumes of user data while maintaining high levels of performance and security. It provided a seamless integration between the frontend and the backend, providing a smooth user experience for users.

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Basic Features:

User profiles: Each user has their own profile page where they can display their personal and professional information, skills, interests, and achievements. They can also manage their privacy settings and connect with other users.

Posts, comments and reactions: Users can create and share posts, and other users can interact with them by commenting, liking, disliking, or sharing. This feature allows for real-time conversations and debates on a wide range of topics.

Business profiles: Businesses and organizations can create their own profile pages to showcase their products and services, company information, and job openings. They can also interact with users and other businesses, and participate in communities and networks.

Communities and networks: Users can join or create communities and networks based on their interests, professions, or locations. These communities provide a platform for users to connect, share information, and collaborate on projects or events.

Feeds and filters: The platform provides customizable feeds and filters that allow users to see the most relevant and interesting content based on their preferences and activities.

Notifications: Users receive notifications about new posts, comments, messages, events, and other activities related to their network and communities.

Chat: Users can use the built-in chat feature to have private conversations with other users or groups. This feature enables real-time communication and collaboration.

Onboarding process: The platform provides a guided onboarding process that helps users set up their profiles, customize their feeds and filters, and join communities and networks. This feature ensures that users have a smooth and positive experience on the platform from the start.

Badges: Users can earn badges based on their activities and achievements on the platform. This feature motivates users to participate more and contributes to a sense of accomplishment.

Gamification: The platform uses gamification techniques to encourage users to engage with the platform and complete certain tasks or goals. This feature makes the platform more fun and interactive, and can increase user retention and loyalty.

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